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Science Applications International Corporation IBM/YOH Company
I currently work as a Software Design Engineer for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). I design, develop, and maintain key applications across multiple government funded projects. I develop applications using a variety of programming languages including C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, and TCL/Tk.  I am responsible for rapid prototyping, designing and programming software, software installation, task leading, customer support, marketing, project scheduling and life cycle as well as solving complex problems. I have also recently taken on duties as a Sybase an Oracle database administrator in addition to my development I worked as a Software Test Engineer for IBM Tucson. I developed automation software tools to aid in software and hardware testing across the Unix, Windows, SUN, HP-UX, and AIX operating systems. These tools were created on the Unix platform in C, JAVA, Perl, and shell script with SQL database integration and TCP/IP networking capabilities. I was also responsible for testing, maintaining, and troubleshooting IBM Storage Area Network hardware, including the new SAN Virtualization Controller, and insuring the correct installation, setup, security, and operation of high performance Fibre Channel Assisted Storage Technology RAID storage systems.
Geotecnical, Rock, and Water Resources Library (GROW) Java Applications
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Site Statistics and User Tracking Flash Online Interactive Multimedia Software
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The Grow site statistics and user tracking online application was designed in conjunction with my work at the Project Grow Digital Library as a way to visually report site traffic. It is written using Java Server Pages, JDBC Data Access API, Java, SQL, and HTML. Web administrators visiting the main page are presented with a customizable default configuration showing a list of the top 25% by hits to the website of IP addresses and dates pulled from a pooled database. The hits in each category can be viewed as a dynamically generated chart. The links under each category can be clicked on to find out more about that specific category item. With each successive query, the reporting becomes more specific. Fully customizable categories include: IP addresses, dates, grow user ids, session ids, url, referer, page name, time, and browser type. An enlarged image may help to understand how this type of reporting works.  I have developed many interactive online Flash learning tools like the Virtual True Traxial for engineers above. Each piece presents an introduction on the experiment, a review of key concepts, a pretest, an interactive overview of the apparatus, the actual interactive experiment, a quiz, and a reporting section where scores can be printed or sent via email to an instructor. Each application makes extensive use of my skills in Flash and ActionScript, Java Script, and 3D modelling and animation (TrueSpace and 3D Studio MAX). Packages containing all of the learning tools I have developed can be purchased at my company website, Your Labs.
ASP .NET and C# Dynamic Interactive Learning Tools PHP Driven Online Event Posting Application
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Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET I developed this online application which predicts the upper bound solution for soils for 1 variable, 2 variable, or 3 variable problems. The input form is dynamically altered depending on the problem and user parameters. The results are shown within the web page in an easy to read tabular form. The Tucson Party Post is a way for college students in the Tucson area to find out about and post events and happenings in the Tucson area. The site is simple and easy to use, written entirely using PHP without a database (because the server on which this site resides does not support it). I am currently looking for a new host for this site.